Opoku-Mensah, I. & Osuanyi, Q. E. (2013). VOYAGE OF EXCELLENCE

Adjacent to the administrative heartbeat, located at the South Campus of the University of Education, Winneba, is a non-panoptic horseshoed visually-spiced technical frieze clothing the amphitheatre that enjoys visual ovation from users of the main gateway to the campus. Encapsulated from the top part is a two-wavy serpentine beam wall that imitates the randing technique of basket weaving pattern, a treatment creating sense of duality and strength as well as directing the eye of viewers to the work. The painstakingly executed work is an embodiment of the plethora academic disciplines of the University to its students; a living reminder of the obligatory dedicative service the nation requires from her academic products; an indelible imagery of the history of Winneba fishing folks, and the portrayal of the distinctive ‘Aboakyer Festival’ of the Effutu (of Winneba). The skilful use of simplified planes, the varying degree of reliefs and the elaborative details of the poly-thematic oeuvre show an influence of incisive philosophical manoeuvring and symbolism of sculptural elements overtly packaged in a non-conventional interplay. As a result of its entablature, viewers are faced with aesthetic scrambling, which involves movement around the curvaceous structure to gain a full glimpse of the sculpture with multi-sectional aesthetic enjoyment. The sectional details are hereby appreciatively presented. 


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