2020 Volume 4 Issue 4

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Donkor, E. K., Micah, V. K. B. & Ankrah, O. (2020). Heraldic Crest of Takoradi Technical University- An Artistic and Esoteric Approach

Deciphering the fascinating history behind a redesigned Takoradi Technical University’s (T.T.U) heraldic crest as well as the secret meaning of its ...
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Ayesu, S. M., Howard, E. K., Asinyo, B. K. & Anokye, D. (2020). Ideation of Textile Regalia for Akuapem State Paramountcy: Royal Palanquin and Umbrella in Focus

The study seeks to contribute to the royalty and unity of the Akuapem State through ideation and execution of textile regalia ...
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Agroh, P. K. (2020). Trend of ‘Avihɛwo’ Performance among Women Dirge Singers in Tafi Traditional Area, Ghana

Avihɛwo (dirges) play pivotal roles in the performance of funerals among the people of Tafi traditional area in Ghana. However there ...
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Hammond, C. (2020). My Language, My Identity: Exploring Identity Construction Processes of Users of Ghanaian Languages in a Multi-Cultural Higher Educational Institution in Ghana

This study examines how speakers of Ghanaian languages construct their identities in a multi-cultural Higher Educational Institution (HEI) in Ghana. Situated in ...
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