2020 Volume 4 Issue 1

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Coffie, M. M. (2020). From Students’ Pop Band to a Trans-African International Band: A Historical Case Study of Ghana Bigshots Band

The purpose of this study was to construct a concise historical narrative of the formation, development, survival and internationalisation of the Ghana ...
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Ogheneruemu, U. S. & Onoruarome, O. F. (2020). Kinetic Art: An Appraisal of Kinetic Sculpture Practice in Nigeria

Kinetic art is a genre that artists explore to create motion in their works. There are two types of kinetic sculpture ...
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Osei, L. A. & Ferguson, E. E.A. (2020). Political Systems and Educational Policy: A Reflection of Dance Education in Ghana

Dance education in Ghana has undergone rapid transformation as a result of the dynamic political atmosphere Ghana has experienced over the ...
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Nortey, S. (2020). Twenty-First Century Contemporary Ceramic Art in Ghana: Emerging Visual Language and Practice

This article provides a discussion on Ghanaian Ceramics and how expressions have opened up in the visual art especially in the ...
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