2021 Volume 5 Issue 1

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Joel, S. A. (2021). Rehashing motherhood Yoruba anthems for positive transformation: A reflective nostalgia

Despite series of anti-social vices policies and programmes initiated by governmental and non-governmental agencies, complemented by musical efforts of some proactive Nigerian ...
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Omolaye, B. V. (2021). The emergence of female Juju artistes in Southwestern Nigeria: An appraisal

It is observed that gender imbalance in Nigerian popular music studies, especially Juju music, over the years, was as a result ...
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Adom, D. (2021). The sustainability of the Science in the productive cultural instruments of African Ancestors for natural resource management

 The cultural practices in many African societies are often misconstrued as idolatrous practices. While some of the cultural practices are counter-productive, many ...
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Amuah, J. A. & Sowah, E. N. A. (2021). Interrogating the sacred-secular binary in Ghanaian choral music

This paper examines the determining factors responsible for the idea of sacredness or secularity of a song, the relationship between the ...
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