2018 Volume 2 Issue 2

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Brew, F. (2018). The ‘linking character’: A valuable tool for African playwrights

 The playwright’s story is often bigger than what the stage can take within a stipulated time frame. It then becomes ...
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Posnak, A. (2018). Sacred Ceramics: Investigating the production and significance of Ewe ritual ceramics in Ghana

 This article outlines the beginnings of a new study of the ritual ceramics of Ewe traditional religious practices in Ghana, ...
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Brako, D. (2018). Re-examining digital effects in ‘Kumawood’ science fiction film titled 2016

 Digital technology and its impact across the world has influenced the use of digital effects in Ghanaian filmmaking, particularly Kumawood ...
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Maclean, G. A. (2018). The roots of brass bands in Ghana: The premier brass band in Winneba

 The main purpose of the paper is to document the provenance, growth, achievements, challenges and prospects of the first brass ...
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Coffie, M. M. (2018). Bigshots Band’s ‘Too kɛ aduŋ’: A modern Ghanaian dance band highlife music

The superimposition of Western musical instruments on the conventional dance band highlife music has been the trend since its evolution around the ...
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