Acquah, E. O. (2018). Analytical pursuit of C.W.K. Mereku’s ‘Asomdwee Hen’ operetta

This article aims to introduce and analyse C.W.K. Mereku’s Asomdwee Hen, an operetta, which has been the most performed African oriented musical drama in Ghana.The work which combines drama with music tells the story of the faith of Christians on the birth of Christ. The article does not only examine the African musical compositional features but pulls out the aesthetics of this traditional musical drama through musical analysis and delves to unearth the relevance of the work in the field of practical African musical drama composition. It concludes that the potential vivifying catalyst of the work is seen in the several artistic multicultural vicissitudes of thought, such as drum patterns, tonality, vocal style and language, submitted to the musical treatment by the composer. Asomdwee Hen is indeed a fundamental platform for the creation of African musical drama and pursuit of its aesthetics.

Analytical pursuit of C.W.K. Mereku’s ‘Asomdwee Hen’ operetta

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