Ayesu, S. M., Howard, E. K., Asinyo, B. K. & Anokye, D. (2020). Ideation of Textile Regalia for Akuapem State Paramountcy: Royal Palanquin and Umbrella in Focus

The study seeks to contribute to the royalty and unity of the Akuapem State through ideation and execution of textile regalia for Akuapem state paramountcy. The study is grounded on the Studio-Based research design employing the Universal Design Methodology taking inspiration from Akuapem state symbols and the chieftaincy structure with ‘unity in purpose’ as a design philosophy. The results revealed unique textile regalia consisting of a figurative palanquin and Triple-Headed colossal umbrella. The regalia are designed with the main Akuapem State symbol, the five (5) divisional symbols and the eight (8) Akan totems, which do not only reaffirm the unity of the State but also define the hierarchy of the chieftaincy system in the Akuapem State. Akuapem is a major ethnic group in the Eastern Region of Ghana, which consists of sixteen (16) different towns and kingship with rich cultural tradition and unique symbolism, which the study establishes could be harnessed for socio-economic development of the state. However, the schisms among the chiefs witnessed over the years have been the major setback to the developmental agenda of Akuapem State. The study ideated symbolic textile regalia to serve as a unified force to address the schism among the state for progressive development. The study recommends the adoption of the triple-headed umbrella regalia for the paramount chief and the double-headed umbrella for the divisional chiefs. This is to pave way for the sub-chiefs to use the single-headed umbrella for easy identification and hierarchy and status of the various chiefs during festivals and state functions.

Ideation of Textile Regalia for Akuapem State Paramountcy: Royal Palanquin and Umbrella in Focus

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